Media Literacy in Digital Spaces
24 – 31 OCTOBER

In the period from 24 until 31 October 2023, the Media Literacy Network organized the “2023 Media Literacy Days,” whereby it marked a small anniversary – the 5th edition of the most significant national event for mobilizing citizens, educational institutions, civil society organizations, media and state institutions and for raising their awareness of the importance of media and information literacy.

The “2023 Media Literacy Days” were held under the motto “FAST FINGER SPREADS FAKE NEWS,” and included a variety of events, through which the Network made its contribution to the celebration of the Global Media and Information Literacy Week, organized by UNESCO’s Media and Literacy Alliance. This year’s theme of the MLD was: “Media Literacy in Digital Spaces” and, as usual, was derived from the theme of the Global Week.

Several members of the Media Literacy Network – the Metamorphosis Foundation, the Macedonian Media Institute, the Institute of Communication Studies, Journalists’ Association, the Council for Media Ethics, the RESIS Institute, the Youth Educational Forum and MOF Radio, USAID’s Project “YounThink” run by IREX and the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services – organized activities as part of the 2023 MLD. Parallel with the programme of events, the MRT Public Broadcasting Service enriched its programme contents with several shows dedicated to the topic of media literacy and aired frequently the announcements about the event. MIA News Agency took on the role of a media supporter of the event by publishing a series of articles on the events, while the online media outlets of, and published information on the event as well. Тhe Delegation of the European Union and the Presidential Center for Political Education provided their support to the organization of some of the events.

Watch the video and audio clips announcing the 202 Media Literacy Days at the following links:

Audio spot – MEDIA LITERACY DAYS 2023

Video spot – MEDIA LITERACY DAYS 2023