Directions for Use of the Video Materials

The video clips appear to be extremely useful tools for transferring knowledge. Therefore, this DVD contains several videos made/adapted by different entities. For the same purpose, there are signs on the DVD cover indicating the age each of the spots are recommended for, based on the specificity of the terms used and the concepts they explain.

The videos titled “A Journey To Media Literacy” and “About Consciousness: What Do I Do?” are about a boy called Jove and his journey to media literacy. They were prepared by the European Association for Viewers’ Interests (EAVI). They were translated into Macedonian by the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, while the oral part was recorded with the selfless support from Antenna 5 Radio. The videos were translated into Albanian by Conedu Global and Metamorphosis, with the financial support of the British Embassy. These are the animated videos that are recommended for all audiences, as they explain media literacy in a language and way that is easy to understand even when it comes to the youngest viewers.

The School of Journalism and Public Relations produced a series of five videos as part of the “Coalition for Media Literacy” project, implemented in collaboration with the Media Diversity Institute from London and the “Nova Makedonija” newspaper, with the support of the European Union. In these videos, the young YouTuber Isabella Pan, playing the role of Mediana, explains in a clever way the five different segments of media literacy (“Media Literacy”, “Life Online”, “Accurate and Verified Information”, “News” and “Engaged Audiences”). Recommended for children over 12 due to the higher level of explanation of the terms relevant to media literacy.

The video spot titled “AAAVMS under the magnifying glass” speaks about the work of the Agency and its responsibility to the citizens. It was prepared as part of the project on “Monitoring the Efficiency, Effectiveness, Transparency and Accountability of Media Regulatory Bodies – PROformance Watch”, which was implemented by by EuroThink – Center for European Strategies, the Infocenter NGO, Transparency Macedonia and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, with the financial support of the British Embassy. Recommended for children over 12 years of age because of the specificity of the very concept of media regulation itself.