Media Literacy Network in times of Covid-19: Resources against disinformation and misinformation 

The Institute of Communication Studies adjusted its online resources aimed at recognizing misinformation and disinformation overabundant in corona outbreak. Through its both websites, ICS has published numerous articles, blogs, videos and various media content on media and news literacy tips. Read more…

MIM Campaign In Support of Professional Journalism 
Prominent and respected journalists, editors, and media experts send out messages about the role of the journalists and the challenges they face, about investigative journalism, transparency and media funding, and the role of public service broadcasters, with the intention of reminding the citizens about what professional journalism is and about how to recognize it in the sea of information that reaches them. Read more…
Education on Media Literacy in the Digital Environment

Within the frameworks of the project titled “Education on Media Literacy in the Digital Environment”, which is being implemented by the Value of European Knowledge – VEZ, in partnership with the “Utenos Adolfo Shapokos” High School from Lithuania and Bulgaria’s Centre for Educational Integration of Children and Students from Ethnic Minorities, five video clips have been prepared as a form of debate, aimed at young people and their understanding of media literacy.

The main objectives of the project are: to recognize the role that the educational system may play in promoting media literacy – young people’s ability to access media; to critically assess, create and communicate media contents, in the context of partner-countries’ lifelong learning strategies; to actively study and build critical thinking on the  part of the teachers and students concerning the messages they have received and that the media have created, and to enhance media literacy skills among the students of all levels.

The video clips are available at:


MIM’s Campaign for Promoting Media Literacy

The Macedonian Institute for Media produced seven video and three radio spots as part of its campaign for promoting media literacy. The goal of the campaign is to help citizens learn how to critically view, analyze and assess the messages coming from various media, so that they could be better informed and take a more active part in the social processes.

The leading character in the campaign is Dr. Dragan, an expert-manipulator, who presents the most frequently used manipulation techniques so as to motivate the audience to analyse, recognize and debunk the potential manipulations present in the media contents.

The campaign has been produced as part of the project “ReForMedia – Enhancing Cooperation among Civil Society, Institutions and Citizens, for Conducting Reforms in the Media Sphere”, which is being carried out by the Macedonian Institute for Media, in partnership with the Peace Institute from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The project is funded by the European Union.
The video and radio spots are available at:


New TV series “Vo nase ime” 

“In our name” is a TV series dedicated to media literacy and realized by the Association for Media and Communication Culture and Civil Rights “Reformer”, broadcasted at the 20:00 hrs. News on TV 24 Vesti, throughout six Saturdays, starting from November 25, 2017.

The Project goal is to introduce the citizens to the process of creating media contents, in order to encourage them to critically follow the contents published by the media and actively participate in their creation by playing the role of media controller. Communication experts, professors, civil activists and public persons discuss about the principles to be complied with during the process of informing the public on topics such as hate speech, personal data protection, infringement of the right to privacy, public interest vs. audience interest – media tabloidization, protection and safety of children and minors on the Internet and what is media literacy.

Reformer realizes this series thanks to the grant awarded via the Project “Media literacy in an era of information flow: Coalition for media literacy”, implemented by the School of Journalism and Public Relations in cooperation with the London Media Diversity Institute and the newspaper “Nova Makedonija”, funded by the European Union.

The episodes broadcasted so far are available here:

visoka-skolaSchool of Journalism and Public Relations

Media Literacy Through the Words of Mediana 

The School of Journalism and Public Relations produced five educational video clips that treat different segments of media literacy. The lead role was given to the young YouTuber Izabela Pan (Izabela Jakimovska), who plays Mediana and explains in a charming way the basic concepts of media literacy, gives advice on how to act responsibly in the online sphere, how to detect fake news, what (journalist) news is and, certainly, how we can use the media to make a positive change in society. The videos are intended, above all, for the young population, but are also interesting for the broader public, as they are designed to raise awareness on issues of public interest.

The video clips have been produced as part of the EU-supported project titled “Media Literacy Coalition”, implemented by the School of Journalism and Public Relations in cooperation with the Media Diversity Institute from London and the Nova Makedonija Daily

Konedu Global

Jack’s  adventures available in Albanian language too

The already familiar EAVI videos about the adventures of the boy Jack through the media literacy, are now available in Albanian language. They are produced by the civil society organizavions Konedu Global and Metamorphosis, with financial help from the British Embassy.

Adventure through media literacy – Albanian

Awareness  – Albanian