The Media and Information Literacy Alliance Response to COVID-19


The Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL) assessed that disinformation and misinformation are like a disease – problematic, contagious, risky, and, in times of a pandemic – a matter of life or death. That is why UNESCO and GAPMIL members provided Response to the infodemic, which consists of webinars, exchange of useful information, support for crowdsourcing MIL activities against COVID-19, guidelines, educational resources, youth ambassadors’ campaigns, communication through MIL CLIKS etc. All information are available on the following click. The Macedonian Media Literacy Network is an active GAPMIL member since last year and is part of the current Response to COVID-19. At the moment, the Guidelines for Safe and Professional Reporting on Coronavirus by ZNM and SEMM. More…

The series of free webinars on MIL topics are open to people of different age:

23 April, 16:00-16:45 Paris time, webinar by a GAPMIL Youth Ambassador Topic: “Youth, Information and COVID-19”

30 April, webinar by a GAPMIL expert Topic: “A MIL response to the Infodemic”

7 May, webinar by a GAPMIL expert Topic: “MIL Parenting”

14 May, webinar by a GAPMIL Youth Ambassador Topic: “Cases on youth engagement to address COVID-19 disinformation”

21 May, Questions and Answers via Twitter with a GAPMIL expert Topic: “MIL and COVID-19”

Webinars will be held on the MIL CLICKS Facebook page:

To get information on the webinar’s time, regularly check the GAPMIL Response site or MIL CLICKS

Since the Webinar list is opened, all the Network members who plan or want to hold one on a MIL and COVID-19 related topic

MIL CLICKS is a social media innovation led by UNESCO. MIL CLICKS is a way for people – especially youth – to acquire media and information literacy (MIL) competencies in their normal day-to-day use of the Internet and social media and to engage in peer education in an atmosphere of browsing, playing, connecting, sharing, and socializing. More information at

The different components of the MIL Alliance Response to COVID-19 can be used freely.