The “Metamorphosis” Foundation and the “Eurothink” Centre for European Strategies are inviting all interested local civil society organizations and media to take part in the informative sessions regarding the Small Grants Programme as part of the “Critical Thinking for Media-wise Citizens –CriThink” Project.
The small grants competition is the second of the two cycles within the Small Grants Programme and was announced on 31 May, to be open until 15 July 2019. The second cycle is envisaged to give away 10 grants to support projects from the eight planning regions of Macedonia. Individual grants will be allocated, in amounts ranging from Euro 6,000 to Euro 7,000.
Detailed information about the project and the Small Grants Programme are available at the websites of the partners and the project website:

Барање за апликации – Грантови за граѓански организации во рамки на проектот КриТинк

The basic goal of the Project is to promote media literacy as the foundation for preserving citizens’ right to have differing opinions, through stimulating a culture of critical thinking, pluralism of opinions and democratic values.

The specific goals of the Project are:

• To foster a culture of critical thinking through educating the general public about the detrimental effects of media manipulations on democracy and the European values
• To increase the capacities of civil society organizations and the media for dealing with media manipulations (here also including hate speech), through promoting media literacy in interaction with the state institutions.
• To increase citizens’ demand for greater accountability and responsibility of the media through public non-formal education, promotion of the professional standards and international practices for the protection of freedom of thinking and expression.

With the aim of explaining and bringing the Small Grants Programme and the Project itself closer to all interested parties, “Metamorphosis” and “Eurothink” are organizing informative sessions in the cities of the 8 planning regions in Macedonia. The dates and timing of the informative sessions are given below: