New Infographics on Media Literacy Launched

At its third public meeting in 2019, held on 24 September, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services, launched the new media literacy infographics, titled “Behind the Headlines” and “Behind the “False News” “. The original version, in English, were prepared by the EAVI International Organization. With the aim of making them accessible to as many citizens as possible, the Agency printed them in the Macedonian and Albanian languages. One of the infographics provides guidelines for identifying different types of misleading news, such as click-bait news, sponsored content, propaganda, disinformation, fabrications, etc. The second infographic presents a game with educational content designed to check the news on the Internet – the validity of the date the content has been published, whether the authors have been identified or pseudonyms are being used, etc.


BEHIND THE “FAKE NEWS” – 10 types of misleading news


BEHIND THE HEADLINES – game for checking the news on the Internet