The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services given the specific position of the media organizations in a state of emergency due to coronavirus, their socially responsible role in informing about these conditions, as well as the possible consequences on their economic performance, the Agency provided financial assistance – a donation to address the consequences of coronavirus (COVID-19), in the total amount of 105.000.000 Denars (Euro 1,694,681). Most of the funds, or 103.000.000 Denars (Euro 1,663,260), are allocated to the broadcasters as follows: 73,000,000 Denars (Euro 1,178,298) to the commercial and non-profit broadcasters as reimbursement of their license fees for 2019 and 2020, and 30,000,000 Denars (Euro 484,150) are allocated to the Public Broadcasting Service Macedonian Radio and Television. These funds are allocated to protect their employees through the purchase of protective equipment, cover costs related to production, procurement and broadcasting of the program, to remedy the adverse effects on their economic performance due to coronavirus and to enable them to function efficiently. In addition, 1,000,000 Denars (Euro 16,133) are allocated to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior for measures and activities for the protection of their employees through the procurement of protective equipment and the purchase of other equipment and funds necessary for carrying out their activities of prevention and management of coronavirus consequences.

In addition, the Agency regularly sends educational videos received from the Ministry of Health on facts about and protection from the virus to all broadcasters, to provide free of charge broadcasting.

Along with the set of measures, AVMS urged all media to report professionally and responsibly and to provide the public with accurate, timely and objective information by adhering to the law on audio and audiovisual media services and following the Guidelines for Safe and Professional Reporting for coronavirus (COVID-19) of CEMM and AJM.