Introductory Meeting with the Grant Receivers of the Small-Grant Programme of the “Critical Thinking for Mediawise Citizens – CriThink” Project


Within the frameworks of the small-grant programme, as part of the “Critical Thinking for Mediawise Citizens – CriThink” Project, an introductory meeting was held for the grant receivers at the Citizen Resource Centre in Skopje, on 19 October 2018 (Friday). At this meeting, through the presentations they held, the six grant-receivers from six different plan regions in Macedonia had an opportunity to acquaint the pubic with their projects, meet each other and exchange ideas for further implementation of the activities.

Additionally, an opportunity was created to examine the future potentials for their possible networking and joint work on promoting media literacy in the country.

As Filip Stojanovski, the “Metamorphosis” Programme Director underlined, the goal of this project, which is supported financially by the European Union through the IPA Civil Society and Media Programme, is to work more with the citizens, instead of the journalists, in order to raise the level of citizens’ critical thinking, as misinformation and other negative phenomena are directed at them, and not so much at the journalists.

“Youth is the avant-garde and their education about critical thinking is something that, we hope, will have long-term effects, and these projects and their effect will have a life of their own that will go a long way,” Stojanovski said.

Goran Lazarov of “Eurothink”, as one of the project coordinators, said that today’s coordinative event was aimed at creating a network of cooperation among the organizations that had received grants, which would be implementing the goals of the main project at the local level.

“The goal is to bring the topic of critical thinking and media literacy down at the local level. A significant number of activities of the sub-grant-receivers are related to creating media products, holding public events, and our aim is to create some sort of networking of all activities, so as to influence these issues at the national level,” Lazarov said.

The projects, which will be carried out by Diverziti Media, together with Alsat M; DROM from Kumanovo and the Plus TV; the FOKUS Foundation from Veles with Duma and the KTV; Ganimed from Bitola and TV21; the Macedonian Institute for European Studies (MIES) together with the Studentsko Radio, and Media Plus from Shtip together with Kanal 77.

Additionally, the meeting used to also hold a training session, at which the grant receivers were given instructions on the financial and administrative managing of their projects; the plan for monitoring and evaluation of the implemented activities; the manner in which they can make their projects visible to the broader public, and the ways in which they would be communicating with the same.

Apart from the representatives of the civil society organizations and the media, also attending the meeting were representatives of the Media Literacy Network, who pointed out that the activities the sub-grant-receivers planned to conduct in the forthcoming period may be of great help in further promoting and developing the Network.