ICS announces the WEEK AGAINST FAKE NEWS from 12 until 18 November


STOP FAKE NEWS                                                             A WEEK AGAINST FAKE NEWS

12-18 November

The Institute for Communication Studies (ICS) is preparing a series of trainings, debates, online quizzes and videos, as part of the Week against Fake News, which will be held from 12 until 18 November 2018. The activities are aimed at promoting critical thinking and raising the awareness about the damage that fake news, manipulations and misinformation inflict upon the entire society.

“New media offer room for unlimited freedom of expression, which is unfortunately often abused by individuals who do not think or do not care at all about the ethical standards of information or about the responsible expression of attitudes. We are witnesses to the rising trend in false news and manipulations, which sometimes even the experts cannot recognize,” says the director of the Institute for Communication Studies, Zaneta Trajkoska. “With the Week against Fake News, we want to raise these issues, offer the citizens tools to recognizing these media manipulations and react accordingly.”

As part of the Week against Fake News, the ICS will organize three training sessions, at which the participants will be able to learn how to identify fake news more easily, as well as two webinars with distinguished lecturers in the area of media literacy. The website http://stopdezinformacii.mk will publish the four educational videos that the ICS prepared as part of this campaign, along with several quizzes at which all those who are interested will be able to check their own knowledge about the media.

On this website, there will be space for questions by the citizens, to which answers will be provided by experts from the Council for Ethics in the Media, the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services and all institutions and organizations that are active in this field. At the end, the ICT will also organize a discussion with journalists and media experts who will be speaking about the fake news phenomenon.

Information on all activities that will be part of the Week against Fake News will be available at the website: http://stopdezinformacii.mk, or the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/StopDezinformacii/.  The Week against Fake News is part of the project “News Literacy and Digital Literacy – Dealing with Fake News”, which is being carried out by the Macedonian Media Institute, ICS, the Journalists and Media Workers’ Trade Union and the London Media Diversity Institute. The project is financed by the European Union.