Networking of the Relevant Stakeholders is Inevitable for Better Understanding of Media Literacy

Media and IT Literacy is a dynamic concept of life-long learning, and its definition changes along with the changes in the technology. However, the power of cooperation among the different stakeholders – both institutional and non-institutional – is key to the development in this sphere, i.e. to the understanding of its very concept and its…

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Workshops Held for the Students of Seven Bitola High Schools as part of the “Topic for a Dilemma” Project

On 22 October 2018, as part of the “Topic for a Dilemma” Project, the holding of began for the students of seven high schools in Bitola. The workshops envisage to provide media literacy knowledge for some 140 high school students from Bitola, expansion of their formal education and, most importantly, increase in their awareness with…

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November Competition for Bitola High-School Students on the Topic “Media Literacy and Critical Thinking”

At the workshops held as part of the “Topic for a Dilemma” Project, a total of 140 high school students will receive relevant training and education. The students had an opportunity to learn more details about medial literacy and critical thinking. This project is realized by the GANIMED Association from Bitola and the TV21 media…

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