Vulnerable Groups in the Public Sphere – Institute RESIS

Within the Days of Media Literacy for Children and Youth 2021, on November 30, the Research Institute on Social Development – RESIS presented the results of the Action Research “Vulnerable Groups in the Public Sphere”. Additionally, the Media Literacy Handbook for Parents was presented during the event. During the discussion, the NGOs working with various…

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Network Meetings

Notes from the Meeting of the Media Literacy Network held as part of 2021 Media Literacy Days

The Media Literacy Network held its annual meeting, which traditionally takes place as part of the  Media Literacy Days, on 29 November 2021. The meeting was held online, using the Zoom platform.  Attending the meeting were: Emilija Petreska-Kamenjarova (AAAVMS), Sasho Bogdanovski (AAAVMS), Viktor Stojanov (AAAVMS), Marina Trajkova (AAAVMS), Snezhana Trpevska (RESIS Institute), Bojan Shashevski (MOF),…

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